b'ART PROJECTS The AAD prioritizesart-makingas a form of learning. Duringthe course of the residency, students work on afinal projecttocreatively synthesize and share what they learn. Students create zines, podcasts, songs and poems exploringancient Athenian democracy and its influences on democracy inthe United States. For In-person Residencies, students createmuseum exhibitions which they bring back to their schools. Detailed instructions and guidance are provided along with a Study Hall, where students receive individual guidance andfeedback on their projects. D O I N G T H E Z I N E [ W A S M Y F A V O R I T E ] B E C A U S E IG O T T O B E C R E A T I V E . . . W H I L E P U T T I N G W H A T IL E A R N E D I N M Y O W N W O R D S . Student, Wagner Middle SchoolTorequest examples of student artwork, please email us at aad@nyhistory.org.'