b"Demos Kratia: An AAD PoemWithin the Mediterranean, a young empire arose,Many fierce warriors, whom their lives came to a close,Along with these heroes came the strategists of the field,their ideas and inventions of the weapons they yield.Within 508 B.C.E, Demos Kratia came to be. Created by the Athenians, long ago,They gave men the right to vote for things instead of saying, No!Only men received the right to vote, no kings or queens at most,They voted using discs to reveal their decision,To show the rest of Athens all of their own visions.This is what democracy had begun to show,It was welcoming to every male citizen who made it their humble abode.For those who created this wonder 2500 years ago,Why did you feel the need to treat your people so,Where women or the poor couldn't vote, To only the rich men, did your life devote."